Stella and the Space Bears

Read about Stella's mission to space with the Space Bears, colour in pages, and more!

Stella and the Space Bears is a children’s book exclusively published as an e-book for iPhone and iPad. Written and illustrated by Dilara Arin (, the story follows the ambitious cosmonaut Stella, and her troubles with the three bears sent to space on a mission, instead of her. With stunning illustrations and music, additional activity pages and options of read-alone or narration, Stella and the Space Bears is an engaging book for pre-school to older children and for both girls and boys!

“Some children’s books are just sweeter than others; they manage to capture some sort of indefinable magic and wonder, the sort of thing that makes them household favorites to be read again and again. “Stella and the Space Bears,” is one of those rare books… “

“Stella and the Space Bears is a delightful little story that could be used to teach children different lessons or one to read just for fun. The story is a fun read and the additional activities are sure to entertain young children for a short time.”

“Stella and the Space Bears ebook for kids. Because we can never resist a wonderfully geeky heroine.”


App Features


  • Stunning illustrations and music
  • Narration or read-alone options
  • Colouring in pages
  • Fun facts about space and space travel

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